Hi, my name is Shasta N. Broadus. I am thrilled for the opportunity to get to know more about your organization. Partnering or collaborating with your organization marries my passion for business and service. I have proven capabilities of exceptional relationship management, influence, negotiation skills, and strategic partnership development that make me an ideal team player.

More About Capital Stewardship

Founded by entrepreneurs who saw the need to create strategic partnerships and educate one another to help build each other’s respective businesses. Once organized and ready launched Capital Stewardship to provide opportunities to connect and grow your business in an ever evolving economy.
If your business could use more strategic partnerships, project management or a consultative approach to create more innovative ideas for marketplace domination contact us. We help businesses come up with creative marketing concepts, diversity and inclusion strategies and ways to make a social impact.  
Our project managers and consultants are dedicated business owners and entrepreneurs who enjoy driving business and coming up with out of the box ideas that give your business the momentum it needs in the marketplace.   Reach out to Capital Stewardship today for more information on how we can all work together for the greater good of business. 


1. Authentic Relationships

2. Improving Business Acumen

3. Being a Resource

4. Learning Opportunities

5. Financial Literacy & Personal Development

6. Practicing Collaborative Economics; Utilizing Money and Power as the Catalyst

7. Returns on Our Investments such as; Time, Knowledge, and Resource