Creating long-term value for your organization from customers, markets, and relationships. Creating opportunities for growth.


Developing mutually beneficial relationships with other business people and potential clients or customers.


We provide business consulting to help organizations improve their performance and efficiency.

About Us

Capital Stewardship is a professional and business development organization that provides services to business owners and entrepreneurs alike who are looking to build themselves and in turn build their business. Competing in the marketplace is tough and especially in these ever changing times where culture is left up to the builders. Working with Capital Stewardship gives you the tools, resources and connections needed to thrive in the marketplace.

Are you in the financial services industry; insurance agent or financial advisor who is looking to grow your book of business and learn how to build a network?

We can help!

After being in the industry for over 10 years we can provide you with tips and techniques to grow your business and help you become the expert in your community. Building a network is a surefire way to explode your name and help you find strategic partnerships that will help you increase referrals and close more deals!! Get in contact with Capital Stewardship to help families and businesses alike be better stewards of the capital all the while growing your book of business.

Would you consider yourself a start up business in years 1-3 who is having a hard time getting organized, streamlining your processes and getting in front of your target market? Maybe you’re stagnant and need some fresh ideas and different direction to penetrate the marketplace.
Here at Capital Stewardship we know the ups and downs that come with starting a business and can assist you with your strategy/vision, resources and connections to get your business off the ground and soaring to new heights! Connect with us for a free consultation on how to start and rev up your business engine.




Our leadership style is driven by being tenacious leader’s as an involved, hands on consultant’s and mentor’s. We set a high bar for our team and others which has allowed us to increase our business acumen as well as recruit and enrich our team.



Our daily work strikes a strong balance in establishing, cultivating, and maintaining robust relationships. As Connector’s, our goal is to acquire and maintain fruitful relationships. Our team’s experience’s has given us the ability to recognize opportunities, create collaboration and drive business.



In an ever changing business environment, our focus is on business development and broad scale impact executing short and long term goals for our team and clients we serve. We look to provide innovative solutions to small business professionals and entrepreneurs by creating a marriage of collaboration through creativity, strong business ethics, and values that produce win-win situations for all involved. 



Partner with me, observe and learn from key stakeholders. Understand milestone markers in business growth and opportunities for brand awareness and development. Develop a strong understanding of the needs, gaps, and ways to make an impact on those you serve. 


Quickly integrate into key stakeholder relationships through being present, participating, providing support, and managing expectations. The goal is for all players to demonstrate reliability by showcasing a strong work ethic.


Through thought leadership and my tenacious learning style I am able to lead by example to produce results. I assist with streamlining the pipeline and process, securing contacts and setting up connections.


Developing and consistently monitoring communication, relevant marketing and branding strategies, impact, and implementing unique tactics that promote “your organization.” Fostering new and creative marketing and business development opportunities that promote diversity and inclusion initiatives. 


Create a voice for business owners, non-profit organizations and entrepreneurs that manage partnership strategy, and maintain focus on the broad impact. Delivering results for “your organization” by collaborating with small business owners, non-profit organizations, and entrepreneurs by hosting and facilitating seminars, live events, and team building activities that allow for everyone to become a visible go to in the marketplace. 

Services We Offer

Financial Planning/Protection
Personal/Professional Development
Business Plan Development
Graphic Design
Go to Market Strategies
Product analysis
Web Design
Intellectual Property Protection
Social Media Management
Entrepreneur Campaign Trail
Estate Planning

Lack of direction
Financial Strategies
Lack of support
Better Processes
Time management
Project management help
Looking to expand
Need strategic partnerships

Problems We Solve

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